At Mostovoy Strategies we focus on four major components of every successful organization.


We strive to help organizations develop and execute strategies for program sustainability and, of course, growth.


Another strategy to continued success is leadership development. From entry-level positions to Board Development, we help bring the best out of your leaders.


Strong programs are an integral part of any successful organization. We help enhance high-quality programs as well as bring new ideas to the table.

Our Approach

The Nonprofit Environment has changed. Community needs are growing in size and diversity. Mostovoy Strategies is a leader in brokering resources and relationships with all stakeholders in Southern California communities. Our approach is simple and to the point so we can focus on Growing Better Results.

Discovering Goals: With our first consultation, we work on establishing realistic goals and expectations for your organization.

Implementing: Once the strategy is created, the following step is about putting the plan into action.

Measuring Success: After the plan is implemented, the next step is to measure the success - did you achieve your goal?

Continuous Growth: The last step is simple - it's all about regrouping and discussing what worked (and what didn't). In the end, it's all about maintaining and Growing Better Results.

We specialize in creating 2-5 year Strategic Action Plans. These plans are made with the organization's goals in mind - is your organization ready to get going?

Client Testimonials

Cathie Mostovoy and Mostovoy Strategies helped move Coop's Life Skills forward and implement our year-round program initiatives. I personally have benefited from Cathie's personal involvement and her interest in the organization. Cathie's personal business insight is refreshing, sincere and inspiring. I appreciate it when a consultant challenges the status quo and can guide us down new directions we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is evident!

Michael Cooper | Founder & CEO - Coop's Life Skills

Cathie was able to quickly understand our funding challenges and help us evaluate our practices and lay the foundation for a new strategy. She identified some new potential donors and foundations and helped forge new community collaborations. Mostovoy Strategies designed the strategy to be in alignment with our current funding and support base. Thanks for the support.

Normandie Nigh | CEO - A World Fit For Kids

I have known Cathie Mostovoy for over 15 years, and I saw her take a company from just $1 million in operating capital to over $12 million. If you're looking to establish a profitable footprint for your non-profit, I strongly recommend Cathie Mostovoy.

Kathy Pinckert | Former Board Chair - Woodcraft Rangers

Mostovoy Strategies is proud to have helped many outstanding organizations achieve their goals. We work with organizations ranging from small and mid-sized community-based organizations to large, well-established organizations. Our clients are diverse in terms of program models, services, and constituents.

Learn About Our Founder & CEO

Cathie Mostovoy is a proven executive leader with more than 25 years’ experience working with administering youth development and educational programs. Her expertise is in organizational growth, strategic partnerships, and program and leadership development.